About Me

Greg Hanlon

Oil painting has become a part of my life. 
It is not all consuming as with some other artists but rather a, "reason," for contemplation and looking for the possibilities that exist with seeing nature, objects, form and spacial relationships that allow for them to be interpreted and put down on canvas.  My style is more representational then impressionistic and color and texture are important to me.  Working in oil is the medium that allows one to smell and feel the painting as it is taking shape and form.  I feel I was given a gift that transcends time and place and each painting is an extension of who I am and what matters.  Just as in life ...a thousand mile journey begins with a single step, my paintings all begin with a single brush stroke.  The brush strokes are complete only when an inner voice says, "done."  My paintings tell a story that is in some way a part of me.  How I see a sunset or landscape is transferred in the form of personal expression and creativity that has a stamp of enduring enjoyment.  I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed creating it.